VoIP Phones in Dallas

When it comes to choosing the right VoIP phone, Citel has the best options. Businesses can select from more than 50 different conference phones, WiFi VoIP phones & desktop VoIP phones from the leading manufacturers. So whether a customer is looking for dual Ethernet ports, multiple line appearances or has budget constraints, Citel can provide a tailor-made solution for your VoIP hardware.

Supported by a team of in-house experts, our IP phones completely comply with SIP and work with all of the leading VoIP Phone Systems. We offer our clients a full warranty on all our IP phones.

Wireless IP Phones

Businesses that want to integrate the latest VoIP systems technology in their organization can use Wireless IP phones because they are the most compatible. What makes wireless IP phones have the capability to allow workers to use the most modern features and communication tools from any mobile number.

1692Conference Phones

Citel provides their customers with most comprehensive hands-free conferencing solutions, packed with the latest features. Most businesses have to communicate with suppliers, partners, and clients located in other parts of the world. It becomes crucial for these businesses to maintain steady communication with other parties in order to operate in an efficient manner.

Video Phones

Video conferencing is widely used by individuals to interact with their clients, retailers, and associates. It is a highly advanced technology that improves the productivity of companies and ensures greater results when collaborating with others. Due to its affordability and highly adaptive features, video conferencing can be beneficial to all businesses.

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