PBX Systems in Dallas

PBX systems for small and mid-sized businesses are becoming increasingly complex. Below, you will find a comparison between a traditional PBX for a small or mid-sized business and a more sophisticated Unified Communications system that uses an IP PBX and other business phone systems features.


A Conventional On-Site Small Business PBX in Dallas

Traditionally, a PBX made for SMB would need a complete telephone switching box capable of routing and switching both incoming and outgoing voice calls. In this scenario, the PBX would be connected straight to a public telephone system and direct incoming calls to specific extensions. The vast majority of SMB PBX’s will include both external and internal lines and a console for manual overrides .


An IP-based PBX for Small Business Use

When speaking of functionality, Hosted PBX solutions are able to do everything conventional PBX systems can. An IP-PBX can act as a pseudo-hybrid system, performing the connecting and switching of VoIP and directing ‘normal’ landline voice calls as well.


Unified Communications: Beyond the Typical IP-PBX

Companies require enhanced features that are capable of supporting their unique workflow, and Citel’s Unified Communication services are tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-size businesses. They combine the versatility of an IP PBX with powerful telephony features that the regular telephone systems are simply not able to deliver. A perfect example of this is the Avaya IP Office.

Benefits of IP telephony extend far beyond cost advantages. It provides for nearly effortless scalability and expansion depending on your available bandwidth. Lastly, it does not require the installation of any new hardware to support the new expansion.


Virtual PBX Systems

Cloud services function in the same way as other VoIP services, a Virtual PBX system gives businesses the opportunity to pay for only the lines and features that they need. Some of the features that are available are ‘hold’ music, ability to add and remove users, and voice mail.

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