IP Hardware & Business Phone System Providers in Dallas

Regardless of the size of your business, you need a telephone to speak to clients, have conference meetings with partners, and stay connected to your employees. An advanced telephony solution gives you superior features such as call metering, accounting, private & shared voice message boxes, and more. These tools are flexible enough to cater to your current and future needs. In order to give you the best telephone services, we have partnered with a few of the greatest IP hardware manufacturers from across the globe.

Here we share some information about our wide array of VoIP Hardware, Business Phone Systems & IP Accessories providers:


The business telecommunications solutions from Polycom have changed the face of conventional voice and video technology. Polycom provides businesses with a complete range of hardware, that is helpful for quick and uninterrupted two-way conversation. It is an ideal system for increased effectiveness in your office.


Avaya provides Unified Communication solutions, integrated data solutions, and other essential services through its certified channel partners. Avaya IP Office provides excellent SMB solutions that simplify the various processes, and at the same time ensure that the information is shared through the right channels. The communication features can be modified according to your requirements. Avaya IP Office will provide connectivity using traditional or new IP connections. This way, businesses are able to continue using their current investments. Citel is an Avaya Platinum partner.


Cisco has many options for voice calling, video conferencing, IP communication and more. Cisco Phones allow you to take advantage of converged voice & data networks while maintaining their user-friendly approach. Cisco’s Unified IP Phones enhance productivity and can cater to the various requirements of the multiple departments in your company.


Panasonic’s phone system allow you to have multiple handsets based on the system model of your choice. All the wireless handsets automatically connect to the base unit; therefore, you are able to use the phones in locations without an outlet. Panasonic digital technology is helpful to all businesses.

Hosted Business Phone Systems

Our business telephone system is compatible with the Public Switched Telephone Networks and other Internet VoIP services. You can use these business phone systems as hosted services, which will relieve the burden of investing in expensive appliances and equipment. Citel also offers SIP Trunking services, SIP Trunk, and Hosted PBX solutions so that all your requirements are being met.

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