Cloud-Based Phone Systems in Dallas, Texas

SA good phone system is essential to any business. Despite the growing popularity of emails and text messages, telephones are still the main source of communication between business employees and customers.

Several years ago, small businesses did not find it necessary to invest in equipment for a feature-rich telephone system because of the expenses and resources involved. However, with the arrival of the Cloud-based telephone system, they too can benefit from the advanced systems used by large organizations.

Cloud-based services, also called the IP (Internet Protocol) system uses the Internet to make and regulate calls for businesses. It also directs calls to the correct extension and provides functions such as call recording and voice mail. Here we list some benefits that your Dallas company can receive with the migration from traditional, legacy phone lines to a Cloud phone system:


Cost Savings

All businesses face the challenge of operating on a budget. A telephone system that depends on on-site hardware can become very expensive because of on-going installation, repairs, and maintenance. For a cloud-based telephone system, the hardware remains at Citel’s Data Center. All repairs, management, and regular maintenance checkups are completed by us.


Moving Made Easy

A Cloud-based phone system can be easily added to the office without the need for an additional installation. If your business is moving to a different location, there is no need to install the equipment at your new site. All you need to do is connect to your broadband setup and you can configure all the settings via the Web portal.



Failures in traditional phone systems can take days to repair, preventing your business from operating. With the new Cloud services, there will never be a problem of network problems, dropped calls or system failures. In the case of the disturbance in the active server; the system will automatically transfer your line to another working server. The changes are so fast, you hardly notice them happen.



Citel will not let the companies pay for the installation lines they do not use. Businesses are able to add telephone lines as needed via the Web Portal. The process of adding or decreasing lines to your cloud-based phone system is fast and easy. If your company expands its location across the country, their communication system must be well equipped to put up with these expansions. Previously, that meant having multiple phone lines with different providers. However, with Citel’s advanced technology, all business locations can be managed through a primary phone system provider.


These are just a few of the benefits that you can expect from a Cloud-based phone system. Contact a sales representative at Citel today to find out how these services can be used for your small business phone systems.

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