VoIP Provider in Dallas

As one of Dallas’s most outstanding voice and data network companies, Citel is committed to providing excellent services for business phone needs. Since our service is not operated from a middleman, we ensure you clear communications and high-quality voice.

At Citel, our appetite for innovation motivates us. We will continue to provide reliable telephony products and services.

We offer businesses the latest products to meet their unique needs. Our reputation for providing first class hosted telephone systems is recognized throughout the U.S.


Our Clients Deserve a Competitive Edge

At Citel, we continue to exceed industry standards in data, video, and voice communication. Our cost efficiency and service delivery are second to none. Our engineers and IT professionals are the best in the business and have the technical knowledge to help you design a hosted telephone system for even the most intricate set-up.


Citel Unifies and Simplifies Your Communications

As industry leaders in VoIP provisioning, Citel continues to offer new products and services to suit your needs. We understand that businesses are constantly changing and so we provide flexible system solutions to work with them. Our products undergo rigorous testing and monitoring so they can offer the best in productivity and efficiency. We make things easy with our simplified pricing, one-bill system and ability to provide all your telephony needs in one spot.

For over two decades, Citel has operated their own private Internet Network. This has allowed them to introduce North American businesses of all sizes to the revolutionary benefits of VoIP. We also provide Cloud PBX, IP PBX solutions and SIP Trunking services that allow smaller businesses to gain access to the same feature-rich communications platforms that were previously only available to larger companies.

Each VoIP system from Citel contains the standard features businesses require in order to communicate with employees, stakeholders, customers and suppliers across the globe. Features such as enhanced voicemail, automated attendant, presence calling, unified messaging, call recording, CRM integration, direct extension dialing and much more.


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